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How to Sell Your Gift Card for Cash

Search through our list of approved merchants.  If you cannot find the merchant who issued your gift card on our extensive list of approved merchants you can submit your card and we'll do our best to approve that merchant right away so you can get cash or points for your card as soon as possible.


Choose your payment. When you sell a gift card to us we will pay cash or points at your preference.  If you choose cash then we'll write you a check right away.  If you choose points we will generally give you even more than we could give you cash.  You can use points to purchase gift cards from other users who have listed their cards in our dierctory.


Send in your card. Once you have submitted your information you can print off an info sheet and mail in the card for processing.  As soon as we recieve the card we'll verify it and then send you your points or money, easy as that!


You can also list your card in our directory yourself. For more information on listing your card yourself click here


We guarantee every card we sell through our site.